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Dog Cooling Vest - Harness Cooler Jacket L XXS S XXL M XL XS Dog Nation

Dog Cooling Vest - Harness Cooler Jacket


Keep your dog cool.

Truelove Dog Cooling Vest - Harness Cooler Jacket




This supreme cooling vest is designed to keep your furry friend cool and protected against heat. It's soft, lightweight, and will make your dog feel breezy in the summertime. The cooling vest is made to keep your dog well protected against UV light and shall keep sunburns far away from your cutie pie. All you need to do is soak the vest, squeeze out the excess water, and put it on your doggo.

  • The vest is easy to put on and off. You'll literally have zero troubles handling this one.
  • It comes with a zipper so you can make the adjustment according to the size of your doggy. Make sure to zip it up the right way and don't make your dog uncomfortable.
  • The vest has a reflective material so that the sun rays and UV light are reflected away instead of being absorbed. This will keep your lovely baby cool and relaxed.
  • The reflective material also shines under the light so that your puppy is easily spotted on the road. This reduces the chances of any casualty.
  • Just soak it in, wring it, and put it on your pupper. The vest is made with mesh so that water that's absorbed in the vest isn't in direct contact with the dog.
  • The vest comes with a D-ring for easy leash attachment.
  • The vest has velcro at the end of the zipper to ensure that the zip doesn't loosen up and open while your dog walks, plays, or runs around.


XXS 30 - 36 25 - 28 20
XS 37 - 44 29 - 32 26
S 45 - 51 33 - 37 28
M 52 - 61 38 - 44 31
L 62 - 71 45 - 49 39
XL 72 - 82 50 - 57 46
XXL 83 - 101 58 - 78 49

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Sherilyn Wood

I spoke to a gentleman at DogNation on the phone.
He was very polite and extremely helpful..
The article came within the time frame that I was given.
It fits my dog well and I’m quite pleased with it.
DogNation are very easy store to deal with.

Cheryl Small
Cooling Vest for Bobby

I purchased this vest for my Cavalier, he has quite long hair being his natural coat. He weighs 9kg and I purchased him size S. it is perfect. The 2 zips are great to let the vest out or bring it in as required. Fabric is 3M and it is extremely well made. Very happy with order and delivery. Very fast for standard. Highly recommend Dog Nation and this Vest.


Excellent for my black dog she loves being able to run and keep cool

Cool coat

This cool coat is an absolute blessing for my one white poodle who couldn’t cope with any heat. Mabli absolutely loves the coat and she can run around and play again as she’s only 3!! She doesn’t have to run from shade to shade anymore.
I’m just so happy I can take my poodle out to play again. My others don’t have a problem if it’s a bit hot!!! I’m telling everyone how fantastic is is.
Also so well designed!!! Thank you so much!! Very every cent!!

Loved - Cooling Vest

Douglass is modelling two sizes as we purchased the large first - he loved it so much I purchased the medium. Dog Nation offered to replace but I declined keeping the larger one incase Douglass's diet isnt successful. Dealing with this company is a joy :)

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