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Great quality and fast delivery super cute 👌⭐️

Whisky is very happy

Our 7 year old Dog Whisky is delighted with his New Rivets Studded Leather Collar.Has already been much admired on his morning walks - A hassle free purchase.

Amazing collar and amazing service!

The first collar I ordered was misplaced. I told the team (Peter) and he sent another out instantly.

Simba loves the collar and it is great to look at and high quality.

Very much recommend!! Thank you team for your fantastic quality and service.

Yes, this is a great harness. Fits my little Dora perfectly. Thank you.


Good fit and quality, engraved collar

We wanted a collar that displayed our details, without using a dog tag- this collar is perfect. Love the colour and the fit. Customer service was good too.

So cute and good looking

It looks really cute and professional. I can feel it’s genuine leather but I’m not a n expert. Doesn’t come with a genuinity certificate or anything. In the back just came the collar and that’s it. But I really like the looks! And the stamp is very professionally done.

I was scared of the size because I just picked the most accurate but the size is. Actually perfect!! Super comfy, he loves it.


Pleasantly surprised that this actually works and doesn’t seem to cause our sheepie to much distress. I was surprised at how much fluff it actually departed and removed.

Love it. It fits well for Tobias and keeps him pretty warm.

Green harness

I love this harness, looks great and fits well.

Great quality material and design. My two Labradors are very secure in these harnesses.

Excellent Harness

The harness is great. Fits my Border Collie/Kelpie perfectly. These type of dogs have narrow chests and shoulders but deep girths. I have tried at least 3 other harnesses and they dont fit properly around the neck so when the front clip is used the harness slips around. This ultra light harness fits snugly around the shoulders and does not move when attaching the lead to the front D ring. I have already recommended it to a couple of friends. By the way it also looks great on my dog!

The Best

Our new rescue dog has never been lead trained and has been an absolute nightmare to walk with a lead. That is until now, after we purchased a training dog harness from Dognation. Suddenly we now have a little dog who is now no longer choking on a walk or wheezing from not being able to breathe properly on a walk. It’s now becoming a pleasure to walk him and certainly less stressful for everyone involved.

Better safety for dog

Am really happy with this product. It feels more in line with utilising safety aspects of seatbelt in an accident when used with the body harness. Dog (schnoodle) is still very comfortable. Was using click in lead harness before but always knew dog would still be flung hard in any direction if ever in accident. He is now secure, comfortable and has potential to survive an accident. Very easy to use. Dog Nation easy ordering and quick delivery as per usual.

Excellent quality

We purchased a lead and personalised collar and the quality is excellent! Looks very cool too. Very happy customer.

No escape harness

This is my 2nd harness as my cavoodle has a medical problem & on cortisone
Therefore weight gain. Other harnesses pulled over her head when got a fright from larger dog & ran on road lucky no traffic at that time. My Son i law had same problem with his pug & purchased same harness recently. Highly recommend & well worth the investment.

Great fit

I have purchased other brand harnesses for Sam nd have found that they stretch with use and no longer fitted as they could not be made any smaller. This harness has been used for a few weeks now and has remained the same size. Very happy with the purchase.

Nice confidence booster

Rufus loves the water, but lacks the confidence in the deep. He can enjoy both the river and the beach to the full, with his snazzy life jacket.

Nice Collar

Very well made, strong collar. Looks great on my dog and the engraved clip is very classy. The reason I gave it only 4 stars is because the collar is rather heavy. Ok for my dog but might be a problem for others.

Laser collar

I am loving this collar! Very stylish & no hanging tags.




Great product, very tidy work

Very happy with both the lead and engraved collar.

Love the harness, excellent quality and easy to fit.

Brilliant product. I have looked for quality leather leads for years, it is fantastic to finally have found well made leads that are sift, supple and strong!!!!

Second time ordering from DogNation

Our pup grew out of her original DogNation collar, and being happy with the quality, we ordered her new collar from them also.

Excellent quality! Love these collars!

These collars are high quality and the colours are vibrant. The inner part of the collar is padded, so it is comfortable on the dog's neck. I would highly recommend these to collars to anyone who is looking for a quality collar that is going to last. A bonus is that they look extra stylish! :)