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Five star review, stays on perfectly and draws a lot of positive attention to our little Sheba - thanks!

A great harness that keeps my Golden Retriever puppy safely on the lead

I tried other harnesses and my Goldie escaped from them in a minute. She is very strong and jumped and pulled at every single shadow, or noise and having her on a lead was dangerous for her and me!
The Adventurer No Pull Dog Harness Extra Durable in Large, and is on the tightest setting on my 9 month Goldie, but is still a bit too big. I'm sure it will be fine in a month or so as she grows and starts to fill out. She's currently quite thin and lanky.
I purchased the clip on light to keep an eye on her in the dark, but is sadly fell off the first time I walked her.
I highly recommend the harness, and would not recommend the light due to it falling off, despite my great attention to securing it properly. It was a complete waste of my $35.00.
I wish the product had come with instructions, or there were some online. It wasn't until I had someone else check it that I was sure I had it on the wrong way - or perhaps that's just me.

The better option

I've tried a few different brands and this one is the most secure and quickest to fit.

Excellent Harness!

Was a bit worried buying a harness online for my girls before actually seeing it and getting it sized. But to be honest I am very happy with how everything fits and looks, it’s seemingly very comfortable for my girls, one who is very big chested. The colours are awesome as well and delivery took less then a week!

Best harness ever

We have tried several other brands of harness with our German Shepherd puppy, but they did nothing except make him pull more!!! This harness is the most amazing product and we could not be happier with it. We purchased the medium size for him at just over 4mths old and we will still get quite a while out of this size due to all the adjustment points. He doesnt like harnesses being put over his head, but with this one we can unclip 2 of the points and he steps into it. Brilliant design and very durable. Will be more than happy to purchase the next size up when he grows out of it and I tell everyone we meet they need to get one of these!

Best harness we've tried so far!

Bought this harness after one I bought from a different brand broke. We've used this harness at least once daily since Feb and it is holding up great! Overall excellent harness, only draw back is that we find its a slightly awkward fit for our AmStaff, the back piece needed to be slightly longer and I feel that the straps loosen over time. I love that it has a handle, I find I actually use it quite a bit

Good design

I bought the orange model a few months ago and have used it a lot. Very well made and can be easily adjusted. The reflectors are great in the dark. The best part is the buckle for fastening around the neck. Good padding for comfort.

Escape proof dog harness.

I have bought 3 other types of dog harnesses from 3 different companies for my miniature Labradoodle but she was able to back step out of each and every one of them. Then I came across the Dog Nation web site to which I emailed them about one of their other harnesses and asking them for an honest opinion to whether it would be suitable for my Labradoodle and explaining that she has backed out of other harnesses and they advised me to consider their Escape Proof harness to which I am so pleased they did, believe me it is awesome, it was I admit a little bit more than I really wanted to pay but it is well worth the money just to know that there is no way she can get out of this one. Sorry to be so long winded with my review but if anyone is hesitating in buying this harness then please do yourself a favour and go ahead and buy it for you pooch I can guarantee you will not regret it.

Awesome Product

Great fitting Harness and looks great. Much easier on our small dog when walking. No chocking and the peace of mind knowing she won’t slip out of her collar.

I have bought five harnesses for my mini foxie and she has pulled out of all of them.
This is the first harness that I have felt safe taking her for a walk near roads.
Excellent service. Great product.

No Pull Harness

I have always used a no pull harness for Missy because she is an exuberant English Staffordshire Bull Terrier and she is very strong. The one she has now only has thin strapping and is a nightmare to get on and off. When I saw the Adventurer No Pull harness I liked the extra fabric for comfort and this harness does not dig into her. The colour range is nice as well. I like it so much I have bought one for my Aunt's dog as well.

Red star collar

Love it! Great quality and the size was perfect!

Escape proof

This harness really is escape proof! My little dog has tried to pull out of it a few times now with no success! I wouldnt be without it on our walks!

Comfy strong lead!

Love that this has multiple handling points all down it and a really solid carabiner style attachment. It’s not heavy either but still feels strong.

Duggie's new vest

The Dugg loves his new harness. It especially means that he's going on a walk and he's not pulling as much which enjoyable for all.

Excellent dog harness for dog who loves to pull

The Adventurer no pull harness is a great purchase.
My dog is super comfy in it too.

Constant Compliments

The collar was a bit big at 8 weeks but he quickly grew into it and is constantly getting compliments for it. We’ve had this for a year and a half and are now looking to get another colour. Fantastic product very well made.

Excellent Harness

Purchased this so grandchildren would find it easier to walk dog. He is no longer pulling on lead. What a great buy

A great quality harness

A very sturdy harness, I love that it's all well stitched and great for my my that pulls with the front facing buckle. I love the blue colour too. I'm envisaging this harness to last a long time

Harness No Pull

Love the Harness, it is very strong! Casper still pulls but only until he tires of pulling. He loves going for walks. It is better putting it on him as he doesn't like the over the head harnesses.

Miracle harness

Walking my 8 month old Jack Russell cross on lead went from being absolutely diabolical, with non-stop pulling to the point he'd be up on his hind legs with raspy breathing trying to pull forward (on harness and collar). The first time we used this harness (using the front attachment), he was like another dog. An absolute joy to walk. I couldn't have hoped for a better outcome. Even when he "pulls" there's no strength in it and he doesn't go straight back to pulling if you correct him. The front attachment automatically corrects the pulling, and he is just so much calmer. I actually can't believe it. The quality seems great, also. I was reluctant to spend so much on a harness but this is worth absolutely every cent. The quick release mechanism for the neck strap is super simple, which makes getting it on and off a breeze - and customer service, top notch. Thanks Dog Nation!

I have already responded to this email previously but I'm happy to do it again. I have already bought two harnesses from you now, but the first was too big. However the second has arrived now, and fit's perfectly. The quality is obvious, and the non pull feature works beautifully. I would be happy to recommend this product to anyone. Good work Peter! Thank's and I'll be in touch

Amazing lesh

Such good quality
Love how it retracts so not so harsh on my puppy
Highly recommend!


Bought for my American Staffy and I couldn’t recommend this harness more. Walks are much much more enjoyable without him pulling. He is very comfortable in the harness and it is super sturdy and adjustable. I don’t know what I was doing prior to this!