Is Your Dog’s Leash Pulling Habit Making It Hard For You To Walk With Them?


Leash pulling is a common problem that most dog owners face. This can be even more bothering if you own a bigger dog. It is essential to train your dog to walk calmly when the leash is on.

Dogs aren’t innately comfortable when the leash is on. But with the right training, the problem will go away. To begin with, use a short leash. Ensure that it doesn’t hurt your pooch in any way.

In the training phase, restrict your dog’s movement. This will train them to be in control. Start with short and fun walks. Patience is the key. As your dog gets comfortable, you can increase the walk time and distance. Remember to treat your dogs to embed the behaviour and communicate what you expect when they’re leashed.

With lots of treats and affection, you can train your furry friend whichever way you want.

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