Best dog breeds for kids

Getting a dog for your kids is the best decision you can ever make. We’ve discussed before the numerous benefits a dog can have for children. From keeping them happy to improving immunity, a canine gives it all to kids. Now, if you’ve decided to bless your kids with a furry friend, then the obvious question arises- which breed to choose? While all dogs can be trained to live well with kids, for some, it comes naturally. Such breeds are amicable and can become a part of the family without any hassles. If you are looking for dog breeds that are natural friends of children, then here are 5 to consider:⠀

1. Border Collie:⠀
They are perfect first-time dogs for children. Border Collies are great with kids. They are highly obedient, which makes them easy to train. Also, they have long hair that needs to be groomed regularly. This provides a perfect opportunity to teach your kids some discipline.⠀

2. Poodle:⠀
This breed is what defines the perfect combination of cute and funny. Poodles are highly energetic and will never let your kids have a dull day. They are really smart and playful, which shall keep your young ones busy all day.⠀

3. Golden Retriever:⠀
You must have seen videos on the internet where Goldens fetch frisbees for their pet-parents. Well, it is all true, and Golden Retrievers are actually cute that way. They are very smart and really gentle with kids. They’ll make your kids fall in love with themselves in a snap.⠀

4. Russian Samoyed:⠀
A calm demeanour is what defines Russian Samoyeds the best. They are easy to train and are extremely obedient to their owners. They are always willing to shower their love and affection, and your kids can be the perfect recipients of that!⠀

5. Pomeranian:⠀
A breed that’s practically always smiling- can there be a better breed to have for your kids? ⠀
Pomeranians are tiny dogs with great personality. They don’t require much exercise and are easy to maintain. This goofy ball of joy can be the perfect gift for your kid.⠀
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