5 ‘Puppy Essentials’ you must know if you plan on getting a new puppy

Getting a new puppy is an exciting event. If you have decided to get one, then we congratulate you on this decision. Trust us; you are in for a journey of affection and selfless love. That being said, puppies have completely different requirements compared to an adult dog. You’ll need to put in more effort, and it is imperative that you take the rights steps. From the day a pup enters your life, it starts forming a relationship with you. It is crucial that such an important relationship is built upon a solid base. If you’re getting a new puppy, then here are 5 essential tips you must follow:⠀

1. Choose the right breed:⠀
Just because a puppy looks incredibly cute right now shouldn’t mean you get it. Plan ahead of time. Research and find out what breed is perfect for you. Make an informed decision. If all goes right, the new puppy is gonna be a part of your life for at least 12 to 15 years, which means their size and temperament matter. Don’t be impulsive. Choose what’s right, not just what’s cute.⠀

2. Get the home ‘Puppified’⠀
Think from a puppy’s view and try to remove everything that can pose a threat to your new baby pup. Anything fragile, electric wires, harmful plants; just about anything that can be harmful should be removed. Puppy proof the house so that the pup is safe and you have peace of mind too.⠀

3. Name the pup:⠀
Very crucial. And kinda goes without saying. Name your pup and train him to respond to the name as early as possible. This is the first step to training your puppy to listen and respond to your commands.⠀

4. Get the supplies:⠀
Get everything that can make your new pup’s stay comfortable and enjoyable at your house. Collars, leashes, bedding, customized tags, and all that you think shall be required. These essentials will also help you train your puppy the way you want and also allow you to keep him away from unwanted threats.⠀

5. Vaccination:⠀
After you’ve done all that, book an appointment with a vet within a week of getting the new puppy. Make sure you know all about their vaccination to ensure you both live a healthy life. ⠀
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