5 points to research before getting a new dog

Many people succumb to a cute puppy face and take up the dog. They don’t consider the responsibilities that come with a dog. Sometimes later, they are unable to manage the pup. As a consequence, they are forced to give the dog to a shelter or someone else. It is heart-breaking to see owners disowning their furry friends. Only get a dog once you are sure that the decision is feasible for you. To make it easy for you to reach a conclusion, here are 5 points to think about before making the decision:⠀

1. It’s at least a decade long commitment:⠀
Getting a dog isn’t about having cuddly moments for a few weeks. If everything goes well, a dog can live well beyond a decade. You’ll have to take care of him for this long period. Only proceed if you are ready for such a commitment. ⠀
If you only want a dog because you like to spend some time with it, it’s better to visit a shelter or some dog park and get a regular dose of Dog love.⠀

2. Cost:⠀
Can you manage a dog’s financial expenses? Here we don’t mean that you get him gifts worth thousands every week. But can you fulfil their basic requirements without having a dent in your pocket? If it’s a yes, then you may safely proceed.⠀
Different dog breeds can have different costs. Do your research and make a decision accordingly. You’ll also have to take them to a vet regularly. Make sure you factor that in before making a decision.⠀

3. Breed:⠀
Do spend some serious time researching about the breeds. Not all of them are the same. Some are aggressive, some friendly, and some lazy. Research and find the one that best fits your personality. You wouldn’t want to end up with a dog that’s the polar opposite of you.⠀

4. Space:⠀
Do you have a separate space that’s sufficient enough for the dog? Nothing fancy, but some area that the dog can call its ‘Den.’ Also, do you have enough space for the dog to roam around freely and not feel claustrophobic? If yes, then you may proceed with pleasure.⠀

5. Time:⠀
Do you have the time to take care of the dog? If you can provide them with all the luxuries but can’t spend time with them, then it’s better to ignore the idea of getting a dog.
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