5 common mistakes dog owners make

Everybody likes to get cuddles from a pooch. And who can deny it? They are awesome. But getting a dog doesn’t mean just cuddles, affection, and playing fetch. It is a massive responsibility, and only those who can fulfil it must get a dog. Sometimes owners deliberately ignore responsibilities, while other times, they are clueless about handling the dog. To give some insights on the subject, here we identify 5 common mistakes made by pet-parents and why it’s important to address them.⠀

1. Neglecting training or socialising:⠀
Negligence in this domain can be detrimental to the dog and others around him. Training requires time and effort initially, but it definitely pays big time in the long run. Please invest the necessary time and effort to ensure everyone’s safety. Plus, it is also a great way to form an everlasting bond with your pup.⠀

2. Avoiding exercise:⠀
Every dog needs to be exercised. Their intensity may vary depending on the breed, but it is a necessity for all dogs. Avoiding exercise can also create behavioural problems for your dog, and they may become destructive. Or they may develop anxieties and lose all their zeal. Please don’t let your canines go through such pain. Get them their necessary dose of exercise every day and watch them dance with joy.⠀

3. Skipping vet appointments:⠀
Never go easy on this one. Get your dogs checked periodically to ensure they are healthy. Regular check-ups will also detect problems at early stages and help you get them solved before they go out of hands. Please never slack on this one!⠀

4. Labelling them:⠀
Countless dogs get lost every day. And then the owners are clueless about the condition their baby is in. This simple problem can be handled easily if your dog has some identity on it. It’ll be easy for people to locate the owners if your dog has the details. We suggest that you must get a customised collar that your dog must wear at all times when he’s out of the home.⠀

5. Improper feeding:⠀
What you feed your dog is of immense importance. An uncontrolled diet can be really harmful. Always be mindful of what and how much your dog eats.
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